Barletta is a city on the Adriatic coast with c. 95,000 inhabitants. The old town is very wonderful thanks to a lot of important historical monuments, such as churches and palaces. The principle monuments of the city are: the Hohenstaufen Castle ( Castello Svevo XII century), the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore (XII-XIV century), the Basilica of San Sepolcro (built in the 12th century) and the nearby Colossus of Barletta, that is a large bronze statue nearly three times life size (5.11 meters). This Colossus is situated in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, that is the main street where people love walking along. On this street, you can also find the wonderful Curci Theater (XIX century). In the old town, you can find a lot of exclusive restaurants, pizza-restaurants, pubs and ice-cream parlours. Barletta is also well-known for the Challenge of Barletta, that is symbol of the city. On February 13,1503, thirteen Italian knights challenged and defeated thirteen French knights in a battle that went down in history as the Challenge of Barletta, that took place in the medieval inn" Cantina della Disfida". Every year on the same date, the town goes back to the 16th century and you'll meet people disguised as ladies-in-waiting, knights, and artists who walk around the old town and perform the events linked to the battle. Moreover, you must visit the archaeological site of "Canne della Battaglia", that is famous for the bloody battle between the Carthaginians and the Romans in 216 B.C.